How to Fart on Command


So… you like farting and you enjoy hearing others fart. You’ve heard that some boys can fart whenever they want to, and of course you want to know how!

Well, not all people can do it. But with some practice and patience, it should come to you.

So here it is… How to Fart on Command!

1)  Get a pillow and a soft surface.
2)  Place your ear on the pillow with your head turned sideways.
3)  Put your butt up in the air, bringing your knees as close up to your head as possible. This relaxes your anal opening.
4)  Once you’re relaxed enough, you should feel a strange sensation (it feels like a balloon inflating)…this is air traveling into your colon (intestines).
5)  Through practice you will be able to do this by just sitting down.
6) Force the air back out…aka Fart!

There’s more to it than just “relaxing” … you kind of have to find a way to pull air into your rectum. Getting down in that position opens you up naturally, so it’s a good starting position… what you should do then is tense your stomach muscles. When you tense your stomach muscles, you’ll feel your butt muscles tighten. Once you’ve tensed them, release tension, and then reapply it. Keep doing that, and you might feel air building up back there. It may only be a small bit at first, but it’ll get bigger the better you get at it.

Over time you should be able to skip a few steps, and just be able to fart by bending down on the ground, or even better, just by litterally “sucking in” and “blowing out.” Don’t believe me? Check some of the videos on this site out… or better yet, let Methane Junior here show how it’s done!:

reverse farting

once you start the farting on command position you will feel a very weird sensation, that is air rushing through your colon (intestines), you will feel like a balloon inflating. this is normal and once you master it, you will be able to fart by sucking and blowing

Comment on this post if you have any other tips or resources!

33 Responses to “How to Fart on Command”

  1. I just farted! :)

  2. Loved it and I impressed my friends…

  3. Well it didint really work since im a girl

    • Emile Chalhoub Says:

      I don’t really think that it mayters what sex u are I mean girls can also fart well I’m a boy and it took me 4 days to work just keep on practicing

  4. Zade Shahin Says:

    dawnt yaw naw that gals dont fart??!

  5. I can not, can someone help me?
    As well pull air through the ass?

  6. NetherKing Says:


  7. NetherKing Says:

    I’m getting there and I’m suprised it worked!

  8. Fart king Says:

    Oooohhhhhh the smell. Too much gas,too much gas.

  9. girl fart

    Great job really! How to Fart on Command | Farting For Boys for have many goood contents!

  10. cake is tasty

  11. boys suck Says:

    who says girls cant fart? I love to fart and im a boy!
    and a shout out to all those blondes!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOULL ARE IDOTS WAY MORE THAN IDOTS CRAPS!!!!!

  12. boys suck Says:


  13. JCGrogan Says:

    savor the flavor



  16. It worked pretty well for me

  17. Thank you for teaching me how to fart whenever I want.

  18. I just pooped :(

  19. How do i do this??? This is really hard. The hardest thing is to get the air into my rectum. Can someone help me?

  20. god bless you

  21. I’m working on it i have to show you a way i learned do it in your room not in the living room you get yelled at by your mon when you blowing ass bass

  22. Pizza🍕 Says:

    When I done this with my friend cheese. I pissed my self.

  23. more smellyer the better Says:

    i tryed but i could rip only quiet ones

  24. It didn’t work I need a picture for each step!!!!

  25. Thanks, i’ve been trying to find a tutorial for farting on command for ages! Now, i’ve finally been able to impress my girlfriend. For months, we had a lack of inspiration on how to improve our sexlives. Now, since i have mastered this, she is very entertained and loves our bed experiences. I want to thank you for this ‘bud up in the air’ tactic, because now i am the one with the most experience.
    Loves, loek!

  26. Omg, it helped ! I just farted on my boyfriends face

  27. I can’t do it I’ve searched every website and still 😢

  28. Bubblegum Bitch Says:

    Lol love how it says farting for boys yet I’m a girl

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