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Farting in a Closet

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Closeted fart lovers? I don’t think so! Rippin’ on command in a closet… plus a face fart at the end! What more could one ask for?

Bullying face fart video

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while bullying is a very serious issue and should not be joked about…The fart in this video is simply awesome! Even though it’s fake.

Loud fart in girl’s face!

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A guy rips a nice one straight into his girlfriends face. Thats what boyfriends are for!


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Part 2
Hunter wasn’t much of a swimmer, but even he was mesmerized by the gripping blue water of the Atlantic. He and Kyle laid back in the water and relaxed. Hunter was in paradise. His heart sunk a bit when he remembered the school he would have to return to eventually. He put that thought out of his head, and decided just to enjoy being here with his best friend.

They got to their hotel alright after swimming. Hunter signed for his and Kyle’s room, and got the key card. Mrs. Hudson told them they had half an hour to get themselves settled into their rooms before supper. “Cenna es en treinta minutes.” she said, practicing her basic Spanish.
Hunter and Kyle had a room beside two other teammates, Marty and Jamal. Marty was in twelfth grade, and Jamal was in the eleventh. The closest adult was Mrs. Hudson, who happened to have a room on the next floor. Hunter felt a little insecure without an adult around, but he saw that his neighbors were excited to be free like this.
“This is an awesome room!” exclaimed Kyle, flopping down on the bed in front of the TV near the window.
“Hey who says you get that one?” Hunter looked out the window, only to see Jamal opening it from the outside, as the windows opened onto a roof. “What the f-” Hunter began.
“Dude, the windows don’t lock!” Jamal said, climbing in the window. “Better hope no rapists know about that window.”
“You’re the only rapist I see,” said Kyle, then ushered Jamal out the door. “Well I guess we won’t be needing two keys.”
“Whatever you say. You be a monkey, and I’ll use a door like a civilized man.”
“It’s almost time for dinner. Ok, Hunter. You have to fart in my face now.” He looked at his feet. “We’d best get this over with.”
Hunter had some gas, but wanted to wait until after dinner so it would be even better gas to blow in his friend’s face. “Not right now. After dinner.” Kyle walked over to him.
“Now, Hunter. I’m not letting you fuel up. I’m not that dim.” Hunter started to walk towards the door, when Kyle halted him by hugging his legs. “Get this over with!” Kyle nestled his face in Hunter’s butt. Hunter, of course, was surprised. He liked the feeling of his best friend’s face against his butt. “Fart, danm you!” Kyle yelled. Hunter decided he might as well oblige. He needed to push a bit, so it was very loud coming out. It was only a quick blast, but Hunter was sure Kyle would find it very stinky.
“Happy?” Hunter said as Kyle got up. Kyle didn’t seem at all upset by the gas he just recieved. “Remember, we agreed on two farts. You’ll have to take one after supper, too.” Kyle nodded. He and Hunter left for supper.

Even during the meal, Hunter could feel the gas building. He was cautious, because this was his first meal in Cuba, so he took very few things from the buffet. The main part of his dish was rice with beans in it. Hunter thought it was delicious, and the fact that it made him gassy was a great bonus. Kyle was mostly only dining on the bean rice, too, so Hunter knew that this night was full of possibilities.

“Ready to sniff some serious fart?” Hunter asked Kyle as the entered the room. Hunter’s stomach was rumbling from the gas within.
“Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.”
“Lie down on your bed and wait then.” Hunter said. He decided that his friend would be sniffing through his boxers. Hunter removed his shorts, then stood above Kyle’s face. “Brace yourself.” He said, then brought his butt onto his friend’s face. He made sure his nose was in a good sniffing position. “3-2-1!” Hunter counted down, then relaced his anus. The following fart was long, warm, and silent. It lasted 3 seconds. “Sniff it up!” He heard Kyle inhale through his nose. Deeply.
“That is the second worst thing I have ever smelled.” Kyle said from Hunter’s butt. “Right after cat pee-” on the last word Hunter farted again. A short blast, but it went into Kyle’s mouth. “Dude! It tastes worse than it smells!” Kyle got out from under Hunter, and seemed pleased by having fresh air to breathe. He took off his shorts. “That was more than two farts.” Kyle pushed Hunter backwards, and sat on his face. “Take this!” and he pumped 3 quick blasts up Hunter’s nose. Hunter got up, and wrestled Kyle to the ground, and plopped his butt on his face. He got out a pitiful puff, but was overpowered by Kyle again, and his face was filled witn more Kyle-gas.
This went on a few more times, the boys exchanging gas, until they started positioning themselves to smell each other’s gas. In that time, without any words being spoken, they learned that the other shared their fetish.
“I’m all out,” Hunter told Kyle when he knew his gas was all farted out.
“I think I got one more,” Kyle said. Hunter put his face into Kyle’s boxers, and opened his mouth. The fart was low in sound, and tasted amazing. Hunter felt Kyle try to force out another, but alas.

They didn’t speak again until they were both in their beds.

Short BUTT sweet

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A short but sweet face fart video

Face Fart

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A friend rips a good ol’ fart in his friends face. Isn’t that what friends are for? Too bad the fart is super weak

Squeaker Face Fart.

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Yet another face fart video.


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Hey everyone, this is a story that my friend GasGiant of the GABF wrote. He has given me permission to use it on the blog and I hope you all enjoy it!

As soon as he stepped off the plane, the heat hit him. The first thing Hunter thought was ‘How on earth are we going to play soccer in this heat?’ He saw a sign that said iBienvenido a Cuba! Hunter did not speak Spanish, but he understood the message just fine. He noticed that Spanish was pretty similar to French, which he did speak. He was about to take a picture of the sign when his best friend Kyle grabbed the camera from him.
“What the heck, man?” Hunter exclaimed irritadedly.
“Dude,” Kyle started, “You’re being really obvious. You’re telling people ‘Hey! I’m a tourist come take my money!’ I-” He was cut-off when the coach’s husband walked up behind them.
“We’re all REALLY obvious, Kyle. Give him his camera.” Kyle handed Hunter his camera, but Hunter decided not to take the picture.
They were all part of the Boys Soccer team of their high-school. There were twenty kids, ranging from grade 9 to grade 12. Hunter and Kyle were the only niners. There were also five chaperones: Their coach, her husband, a teacher from the music program, and two mothers of grade 11 students. They were on this trip to Guantanamo to play against some Cuban soccer teams, and to experience some of the culture. They were staying for a week.
When the whole group had gone through customs, their coach, Mrs. Hudson, spoke to them, “Alright boys, I know I’ve gone over this a million times, but I want it to be very clear to you that I will not tolerate any drug or alchohol use during this trip, and don’t think I won’t send you home if you disobey that. I want you to be good ambassadors of our school, and our country. Now let’s go get our luggage. Move it!”
After they got their luggage and exchanged their money into convertible Pesos, they met their guide, Linda. She welcomed them, and showed them to the bus. “I’ll save you a seat!” Kyle called to Hunter as he shoved past the rest of the kids to get the back seats of the coach.
Hunter turned and saw a young black woman playing the guitar. He listened to the music as he got on the bus to join Kyle in the back:
“Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera…”


Part 1: On the bus
Day 1

Kyle and Hunter sat in the back seats of the coach. It was a very big bus for the small group, so everyone pretty much had two seats each. Kyle and Hunter sat next to each other however. Partly because they both wanted the back, but also partly because, though neither of them knew, they had secret crushes on each other. They were both secretly bisexual, but had good covers. Kyle had a girlfriend, and Hunter was just shy.
“If you look to the left, you’ll see a flock of turkey vultures. You will be seeing a lot of these in the next week.” Most people sat closer to tne front, so they could listen to Linda talk. Hunter might have, but he opted to stay with Kyle.
“I need somewhere to change my pants.” Complained Kyle. He was wearing jeans, because back in Canada, it was still Winter.
“Dude, the bus is air-conditioned.”
“Well what about when we get off? Do you expect there to be air conditioning out there? I’d rather have shorts on.”
“Fine. Close the curtain and change right here.” Kyle had a window seat. “It will be just like the change rooms for soccer practice.”
“I change in the bathroom stalls so nobody can see me.”
Hunter knew this. He was a bit hurt, however, that his best friend was not comfortable enough to change around him. “I know. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll shut my eyes.” Kyle nodded, and took his shorts out of his backpack. Hunter shut his eyes. He heard the zipper come down, and the pants drop to the floor. Hunter opened one eye just the slightest bit. His friend’s butt was hugged tightly by white underwear. Hunter could see the shape of the plump butt beneath. Hunter watched him put on his grey shorts, then shut his eyes in case Kyle turned around. Hunter waited a few seconds for the signal to open his eyes, but instead smelled something putrid. He opened his eyes fast, and saw Kyle’s rear a few inches from his face. Kyle burst out laughing.
“You should have seen the look on your face! Oh, sorry man, that was a nasty one!” Hunter was too busy sniffing to listen. He was shocked, but very pleased that his friend had done that. He had been wanting to smell a fart from Kyle for years. He had a fart fetish, but had never had the guts to tell Kyle. He had planned on not bringing his fart fetish to Cuba, but it must have snuck onto the plane, because Hunter was turned on. “Yo, you alive? Did it actually kill you?”
“I’m good,” Hunter said “My nose may be dead.” he lied.
“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I felt it come on, and you were right there with your eyes shut.” An idea struck Hunter.
“Well that was a low thing to do. I’m very upset.” Kyle looked concerned.
“Oh, well sorry,” he said apologetically. “Is there anything I can do to make it up?” Hunter grinned evilly.
“Glad you asked,” Hunter leaned away from Kyle, lifting one cheek off the chair. “Get in there.” he said, and patted his butt. Kyle looked almost afraid.
“You heard me.” Hunter leaned a bit more. “Get your face in my asz.”
“Are you worried about your pride? I suppose we could wait until we get to the hotel. But if we wait, you are gonna be sniffing two. Whaddaya say?” Kyle nodded quickly.
“Geez dude,” Kyle said. “I guess that’s fair.”
“Of course it is,” Hunter said as he sat back down properly. “Here’s a sample though.” he said before he leaned away again and cut one. It was really loud, and everyone else in the back laughed, then covered their noses and many moved up when the smell hit them. Hunter fanned it towards Kyle. Kyle was choking, but Hunter noticed he made no attempt to block the smell.
“Oh my god, Hunter,” Kyle laughed. “I never knew you had it in you. But,” Kyle aimed his butt at Hunter and cut a loud one. “I’m still better.”
“You fart like a pixie!” Hunter exclaimed, and let another one loose. It was silent, but in moments the stench hit Kyle.
“Oh yeah well-” and this went on for quite a while. In the next five minutes, the whole back quarter of the bus was deserted save the two of them.
“Man,” said Kyle. “That airplane food has some amazing aftermath.” Hunter nodded and laughed. He was about to realease a final flatulence, but the coach’s husband came to the back.
“Hey guys- holy heck! What died back here, phew! Anyway, we’re almost at the beach, so I suggest you put on some sunblock.”
Hunter and Kyle giggled to each other when he was out of earshot. Hunter decided to wait a while before farting again.

Never Bet on Farts…

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Lost a bet and got TONS of farts to the face!

Beef Stewing Little Sister

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This big bro lays a nasty one right in his little sis’s face. Because that’s what they’re for, of course! Skip to around 0:55 for the fart.


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